Charlie Brown, Director.

It’s Not About A Title

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(This post was first written as part of SARV BLOG. It is reproduced here with some edits by the author.) I loathe the end of the school year. I cannot stand goodbyes. I don’t even go to commencement because I might break down into tears. Frankly, I hate endings. There is, however,…

Starred Thought™: Band is a place for everyone

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If you’re like me, the notebook you took to the Drum Major Academy® is filled with Starred Thoughts™, and each one seemed equally important as the next.  At the time you might have thought they only applied to marching band, but as your compassionate eye developed, you saw that these…

got band?

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Ever wished half time didn’t end?! Well, we’ve got just the cure for you this upcoming weekend on October 4th in Allentown, PA!  Since 1996, the College Marching Band Festival has been entertaining audiences with an ever-growing list of performances from a variety of colleges throughout the country. This year’s…