The IMPACT Team is a wonderful opportunity for college students to gain valuable teaching experience — and not just for Music Ed majors!

What is the IMPACT Team?

This is a group of unpaid interns who assist the clinicians and staff of the Drum Major Academy® by providing administrative and teaching assistance as needed during the course of the DMA location where they are assigned.

Each member receives a full tuition, room and board to attend DMA.

To be eligible, applicants must be a matriculating student at a college or university.

Apply to join IMPACT

Laura Abbey, IMPACT Coordinator

Laura Abbey, IMPACT Coordinator.

Laura runs the IMPACT program for DMA.  She is the Band and Orchestra Director at Tenakill Middle School in Closter, NJ.

Laura has also been the Marching Band Director at Northern Valley High School at Demarest in New Jersey and was a Color Guard Captain for the University of Delaware Marching Band.

Please feel free to email Laura with any IMPACT-related questions:

IMPACT 2021 Applications are due by March 31st.

IMPACT Team Roles


IMPACT TEAM Members are unpaid interns. One never truly stops learning, so here is a great opportunity for you to continue with your education and development of critical leadership and communication skills.


IMPACT Team members are viewed as a teacher by the Academy students. You will be furthering your teaching techniques by serving as liaisons between the clinicians and the staff.

Role Model

IMPACT Team members are role models for the high school students attending the workshop. This means you are an adult presence in the dorms, as well as other settings.