Frequently Asked Questions

We hear these questions a lot. We’ve collected answers below to our students’ and parents’ most common questions.

What is included in the total cost?

Tuition, lodging, meals, and a DMA t-shirt. Not to mention world-class instruction and the experience of a lifetime!

I paid a deposit when I registered. How and when do I pay the balance due?

Registration fees must be paid in full, PRIOR to your arrival at an Academy workshop. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Balance due amounts may be paid by logging on to your account on your workshop’s registration page, or by calling the DMA office at (781) 874-9728.

Note: Kutztown and West Chester payments are handled separately. Please see Vivace Productions’ website for more info.

Why can’t I register for the Kutztown or West Chester academies on your website?

These workshops are not owned by the Drum Major Academy, therefore we do not control the registration process for those locations.

Registration for these two workshop can be found here.

What is the difference between Kutztown or West Chester and the other locations?

The KU and WCU workshops are a day shorter than all other academy locations. Therefore less curriculum is covered.

I paid for the textbook The Dynamic Drum Major or DMA Flag Package. When do I receive it?

Students will receive their purchased items upon their arrival at the Academy.

What type of adult supervision is there?

The entire adult professional staff stay in the dormitories with the students providing 24-hour supervision.

What is the daily schedule?

  • General schedule 8:00am — 10:30pm
  • Meal times vary, but ample time is given to eat, study, practice, and rest.

Example of full day:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Session (outside)
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Session (inside/outside rotations)
  • Dinner
  • Evening Session (outside/inside)
  • Return to dorms

Please note: the decision to hold session inside or out is dependent on weather. Locations changes are made at the discretion of the staff.

*Arrival times, final presentation, and departure times are specific to each location — this information is included in the registration packet. You will receive your packet after registering.

Do students have free time for recreational activities?

No. This is an academic and educational workshop.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. You have all been selected as intelligent leaders of your high school bands. We leave it to your discretion to wear appropriate clothing during the DMA workshop to maintain a respectful, professional atmosphere.

  • No bathing suits, tube tops, short shorts, or open arm hole shirts for girls or boys — full T-shirt is required.
  • Sneakers or boat shoes are required. Sandals or open toed shoes can be dangerous during marching.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn for reasons of safety, hygiene, and courtesy to others.

Are there accommodations for food allergies or restrictions?

Yes. Please call the Drum Major Academy office to make specific arrangements regarding food allergies or any food restrictions you may have.

(781) 874–9728

Are linens provided in the dorms?

No. Each student must provide their own linens and beddings. Extra-long twin sheets are the typical size for a university dormitory bed.

Are the dorms air conditioned?

All dormitories have A/C — Except at UMass.

We do, however, recommend that you consider bringing a fan. We are not in control of the A/C and degrees of coolness in facilities vary.

Are there refrigerators and/or microwaves in the dorms?


How much money should students bring with them?

There are vending machines located on all campuses where Academy workshops are held. While students enrolled do receive three (3) meals each day, many may wish to have a snack or drink during the day. Ultimately we leave this decision to the parent.

How many students are in a dorm room?

There are 1 to 5 students in a room depending upon each university’s policy. Housing assignments are made prior to student arrival.

Can I choose my roommate?

No. Students will be housed with students from other schools in order to enhance the experience of meeting new friends and working with new people.

This is a firm Drum Major Academy policy. Housing assignments will not be changed.

Does you offer any financial aid or scholarships to attend the Academy?

The Drum Major Academy does not offer any financial aid or scholarship opportunities.

We recommend looking for financial opportunities within your local community. Groups like: Rotary International, Elks Club, Churches, et al. do occasionally have programs for students who are looking for financial help with summer program costs.

Still have questions?

No problem. Please feel free to get in touch with our staff anytime. We’ll be happy to answer questions for you!

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