Welcome Back to School!


If you hadn’t already started, then by now it’s official: school is back in session!  For those of you entering your senior year of high school, perhaps you have given some thought to continuing your education at a local college or university.  If that’s the case, your participation in your high school marching band can pay off, literally!  Check out this article below, where Jacksonville State University announced it’s Elite Eight – eight lucky recipients of the university’s most prestigious scholarship, Elite Honors, who are starting their first year of college of with a bang!  What’s so significant about it, you ask?  FOUR of the eight recipients were in their high school band, with one of those four being a Drum Major!

Elite Honors covers all of a student’s basic necessities for four years: 16 hours of tuition each semester, books, housing, a meal plan, and a personal laptop. JSU is one of the few universities in the state that still offers such a comprehensive scholarship package, making the Elite Honors program a major recruiting tool for the university.

Since 2009, JSU has awarded eight of these scholarships a year to exceptional high school seniors in Alabama and Georgia. To be eligible, applicants must have at least a 30 on the ACT or a 1340 on the SAT and a 3.5 cumulative GPA through the 11th grade.

Let that be your inspiration to stay on top of your grades and stay active and involved with your school’s music programs!

Happy Learning to all!  

With Pride,

~jables, the DMA® Blogger

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