UC/Riverside: the new meaning of HOT!

Heidi Sarver by Heidi Sarver Last updated Jul 23, 2009 38 Views

Ok, BOA was hot.  90’s every day.  Texas was hot. 90’s every day plus that special brand of Texas humidity.  But California put all those to shame and made wimps out of everyone:

over 100 degrees every single day!!

And DMA was there to say, “BRING IT ON!”  Nothing phased these students–nothing!  Heat: no big deal, we have water.  Humidity: no big deal, we sweat a little and drink more water.  LOVE IT!

March Off Winners:

Brian Luck, Walnut HS, CA
Robert Wang, Walnut HS, CA
Andrew Kao, Walnut HS, CA

It certainly seems as if the kids from Walnut High School are racking up the march off wins!

And then there was the extra special celebration of the week:  Staff member Parker Denson’s birthday.  Apparently the staff was put through the paces of “Feet…Together” but at the point of “Eye’s…with pride” party noise makers were used.  Everyone had a great time wishing the youngster a happy 31st birthday!