Time to PICK The Drum Majors!

It is that time of year–the buzz is starting to grow; show music and themes are taking shape; concepts are being developed; travel schedules are filling up.  And now it is time to pick the leadership team for the next marching band season!

From the student’s perspective it is simple:  “I want to do THAT!”  The student wants to be the one who wears the different color uniform; the one who marches out in front of the band, leading them onto the field or down the street; the one gets to salute the chief judge, salute the audience and take that final bow at the end of the show.  Oh the thrill of it all!!!

For the director it is not so simple.  The director is looking for one or more students who have the capacity to understand the magnitude of responsibility that comes with being a Drum Major.  It is NOT about the accolades–it is about the work that must get done behind the scenes.  It is about going the extra mile, staying late, showing up early, and even picking up the trash left behind on the rehearsal field by band members.  It is about helping with the pit equipment, making sure all the horn angles are correct, assisting that freshmen (or senior) who is struggles to stay in step and being POSITIVE, SUPPORTIVE and ENCOURAGING in approach.  The director is looking for someone or puts the band’s needs before their own.

To borrow a phrase used by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, a dear friend of the Drum Major Academy®–“It’s not way you CAN do or WILL do, it’s what you DO DO!”

Are YOU up to the task of what it takes to be a GREAT drum major?

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