The stars at night are big and bright…

Evan Doyle by Evan Doyle Last updated Jul 9, 2007 38 Views

This morning we start our first full day of work at Tyler, TX. Following an afternoon of intense rain (because even the rain is bigger in Texas), the weather cooperated for the rest of the day and we were able to begin our first session outdoors under a clear blue sky. Our student body at this Academy location boasts representatives from Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, and beyond.

In a hard faught march-off, the difference between the winner and the rest of the pack came down to the ability to mantain bearing and intensity despite executing a command incorrectly when all others broke rank and fell out.

Our winner:

Suzanne Mason, Thomas Edison Prep., (Tulsa, OK)

Congratulations, Suzanne, and to the rest of the Drum Major Academy students who began their little journey with us last night here in Tyler, TX!