The Second Half of DMA 2012 — talk about a late update!

Suddenly it dawned upon me that I never posted anything about the second half of the 2012 DMA workshop season, let alone a summer summary.  YIKES!  Let’s begin this way–


Does that cover it?!  No? You want more information.  Well ok then.

When last we chatted it was July 4th and half the summer had raced by.  DMA staff was cruising all over the south part of the country as well as starting the midwestern tour.  The second half of the tour would get them out and about all over the ENTIRE country!

DMA @ Texas, Kutztown, North Carolina, Ohio, Colorado, California, West Chester and UMASS……anyone else tired just thinking about it!?  5 staff teams in total were tearing up the skies and highways.  Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser rocked the houses in Texas and UMASS; and all the lead clinicians (Joe Munoz, Chris Cansler, Evan Doyle, Lauren Heller, Justin McAdams and even little ol’ me) were cruisin’!  Not even a little rain during the final presentation of the summer @ UMASS could dampen anyone’s spirits–yes, the summer was THAT GREAT!

And suddenly, it was a blink of an eye, it is mid-November.  WHAT?!?!?!  Just when did that happen??  Marching band seasons are coming to a close all over the country….unless you’re Bowl Game bound, but more on that another time.  Before you know it you will see the annual announcement about the upcoming 2013 DMA Workshop season–DMA IS ROCKIN’ THE WORLD AND WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US (UH-GAIN!)!!

There simply is no doubt about it:  The George N. Parks Drum Major Academy® is STILL the best choice out there when it comes to developing the drum major!

Can’t wait to see you!

WITH PRIDE (always)! 

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