Ah Texas in July…..for this northern woman I have no idea how you handle it!  Seeing a temperature reading outside a bank at 11 PM that says 116 degrees is still not comprehensible to me.  I guess that’s why the A/C is cranked inside every building.  Gotta love it.  Well, at least the electric companies love it!

DMA has proven over the years that it can acclimate to any and all weather conditions.  From the heat in Texas to temperatures that drop into the 50s at night in Massachusetts, to even a brief snow squall in Colorado one year (not kidding)–yup, DMA has seen just about everything weather-wise.  So 2009 has finally brought us to Texas and another summer reaches the halfway point.

This year the Texas location had not only a grade A staff, but also an outrageous IMPACT TEAM!  The IMPACT TEAM (college students who are volunteers) assist the staff at everywhere throughout summer–a different team at every location. They are all former DMA Vets, some are music education majors at college, others are pursuing any and all sorts of future careers at college.  But all of them share the same goal:  to return to DMA and learn more about leadership by TEACHING!  While we do not promise anyone a future spot on the DMA Staff, virtually every staff member today was once a member of the IMPACT TEAM.

There were LOTS of march offs this week and LOTS of winners:

Jessica Crawford, Santa Fe HS in TX
Ryder Naymik, John Jay HS in TX
Steve Swiatlowski, Palmer HS in MA (yes, Massachusetts!)
Eric Odom, Barbers Hill HS, in TX

Congratulations to all!!

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