Super DMA at UMASS is Full Steam Ahead

The final one, the conclusion of the summer for DMA–we’re at UMASS! For many of the staff this is a homecoming. We were in the UMASS Marching Band; drum majorsn for the UMMB–we grew up on this hallowed campus. As students in the band we learned commitment, dedication, and responsibility. And we had our first taste as teachers when we participated as an Impact Team member for DMA. Now we return “home.”. Many of us are band directors and OUR students are attending, learning the musical skills and life skills we learned. The circle continues to cycle ’round and complete itself over and over again.

We got off tona terrific start. Over 250 drum majors, 45 guard, 33 band, and 88 percussion! The band is WAY ahead of any other Super DMA Band we’ve had: 2 songs learned in less than one day! This afternoon we being the drill writing process-the band members assist in creating their final show-and the memorization process. And for the first time ever we are most likely adding some percussion in for the final presentation!!!!

The guard has one song completed, will learn their second song today as well as one of the band tunes! Lots of different skill levels here this summer and the staff has done an amazing job at developing a curriculum to fit the needs of all.

The percussion can be heard from….anywhere on campus!! They move as this monstrous town–all as a group and all chanting their check patterns in the form of a spoken rap. Simply wild!!

And the drum majors?? They are cranking away like crazy! Two march offs already with the winners being:

Anthony Condo of Alvirne HS, NH
Eric Balboni of Wareham HS,

More later after day three.

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