Rainy night? Not a Problem!

Evan Doyle by Evan Doyle Last updated Jun 20, 2007 31 Views

Here in Florida, we wouldn’t let a little rain, thunder, and lightening dampen our spirits. We spent the evening indoors, but we were still able to do a lot of great things. We had enough space to build our block, so we played a little Medusa. That really seemed to pump the group up, because from there on the intensity was amazing. The students learned a little about score study as well before Mr. Parks went on to tell some great thoughts and stories on what it takes to be a drum major and a leader.

A special thanks again to our vets who have continued to be an outstanding group of individuals!

With today and tomorrow left, we still have plenty left to do. I’d better go now so that I can get some breakfast before the day begins.