One Down, Tons to Go!

Heidi Sarver by Heidi Sarver Last updated Jun 6, 2008 46 Views

DMA @ Arizona came to a close today all while DMA @ ULM was well underway!  After speaking with Brian Wolfe out in Arizona my understanding is that everything was going great and that it was a fantastic week!  Way to go Arizona staff and students!!  I believe pictures are forth coming — internet connections were not available to the staff in the dorms.  But Brian called asking about uploading so I anticipate a photo album appearing soon.

Meanwhile, down in the deep south of Louisiana there is another group of folks who have just finished their second day at DMA.  While I haven’t had too much contact with the staff there today, I did check in last night and heard that it’s one of our largest groups ever at ULM and all was well.  I was also contacted by Sam Simonton asking about uploading photos from ULM so I am sure we’ll see still shots from that location soon as well!

That’s it for now….much more to report soon, promise.