Now it’s time to say goodbye to Tyler, TX.

This morning marks our last here in Tyler. It’s been another remarkable week…and those arms!!!! These students have all done great work toward achieving, “the look.” Many come to us from schools that use a completely differnt pattern or style, and they’ve still been open enough to try something completely different. They may return to their school’s own style as soon as they turn in their room key, but they’ve still been able reap the rewards of expanding their comfort zone.

And I think that’s a lot of what Drum Major Academy is all about. Mr. Parks and the rest of the staff throw a lot of very useful, very pertinent information out to the students, not with the expectation that they’ll do everything exactly as we say it, but rather with the hopes that they can figure out how to make it work within their own programs. It seems to me that here in Tejas, they get that and they’re eager to make an impact on their band programs.

We also have a few march off winners to announce!

Day 2 march-off winner:

Michael Hild, Clear Creek High School (League City, TX)

Day 3 march-off winner:

Shelby Lambert, Santa Fe High School (Santa Fe, TX)

Day 4, super-atomic-five-commands-and-done march-off winner:

Shelby Lambert, Santa Fe High School (Santa Fe, TX)

Sadly, this is my last DMA of the summer. In just a few short weeks, my school has its band camp. To all Academy students and staff everywhere, I wish you the best of luck this upcoming year. I look forward to seeing some of you next summer!

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