Heidi Sarver by Heidi Sarver Last updated Jul 8, 2007 31 Views

So all you crazy overachieving upperclassmen, constantly logging in and checking to see if I’ve uploaded music for next fall yet….and getting error pages because there’s nothing to download yet.

And then there are all the rumors because I started setting up all the links and stopped in mid stream in order to catch an airplane and everyone thinks we’re no longer doing “Malaguena.”  Well OF COURSE we’re doing it!  I just didn’t get those links up yet.

And then there are all the new rookies—DYING for the username and password and I haven’t emailed out that info yet either.

So here’s my current plan:

  • I will do my BEST to get a tune or two uploaded by Wednesday, July 11th.
  • I will email all rookies whose Band Camp Registration Form has been received and entered in the database the log in info (it takese 10-15 minutes per form to enter so patience my new friends, patience).

That should take care of  things for now…I hope!  😉

More soon…..