Mid-week report from ‘Bama

Heidi Sarver by Heidi Sarver Last updated Jun 14, 2007 24 Views

Everything is absolutely cruisin’ in Alabama! The weather has been, um, warm but the staff has is being extremely conscious of this, and more and more components of the curriculum are being moved indoors.

Students are making daily improvements in their conducting skills—adding different patterns with regard to musicality to their “tool box.” And all of you just said, “What does that mean?” Well, they are learning that there are different ways to conducting and convey information to their band members with regard to staccato notes, fermatas, accents, slow tempos and fast tempos just to name a few! And today they will learn even more! When they leave it will be up to the student to decide what is most appropriate at what time based upon the music of their show—-but we can’t stress enough that when it doubt, provide a strong, simple pattern that maintains excellent pulse: focus on tempo maintenance!

Another march off winner announcement:

  • Kent Klarer from Graves County High School (Mayfield, KY)

Congratulations Kent!