MFA Summer Symposium–WHAT A RIDE!

Mother Nature showed up in Normal, Illinois with some serious pent up anger! There is nothing like a midwest storm going full tilt to make you wonder if you’re going to meet Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and Toto too! Every dark color in her Crayola box was being put to use–purples, blacks, grays, and yes, the dreaded green! But of course, no worries—plans to deal with weather like this are covered and reviewed by staff CONSTANTLY! And with today’s technology EVERYONE can watch doppler radar on their cell phones and get to inside facilities WELL BEFORE the first rain drop falls or storm breeze rolls through campus.

So inside is where much of DMA was held this week–and that is perfectly fine because there is so much material we do not always get to impart upon the students because of the time spent outside. It is a balanced curriculum between indoor and outdoor sessions, and it is nice to know that when we are faced with having to juggle things we have plenty of lessons to choose from.

Students spent time with Jamie Weaver and Fran Kick–two of the nation’s greatest leadership speakers and motivators! Jamie had them rolling in the aisles with laughter while he slipped his message in about living life to it’s fullest in between the chuckles. Fran showed the group that lessons in leadership are all around them–they just have to open their eyes and REALLY see.

And somehow, through all the rain, thunder and lightening, the group was able to get outside and develop their teaching observational skills, and of course, participate in some of the largest march offs of the summer! Congratulations to:

  • Katy Boggs, Eureka High School, Illinois–winner of BOTH marchoffs!

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