Maestro Scott O’Neil Will Visit with DMA in Colorado!

We tend to take for granted the people who come in and out of our lives. They’re our friends and who they are “in the real world” doesn’t really matter to us. Sometimes though, one takes a step back and looks at who their friends are, and HOLY COW–these are impressive folks!!

Many years ago a high school student attended DMA at our location in Delaware, Ohio. And as a select few tend to do from time to time, this young man became a member of the DMA staff while attending college.  And as most often happens, he followed his dreams and we lost track of him…..

One day this same young man contacted George Parks and asked if he could teach a workshop or two again. It had been many years since had done so and he missed it. George said of course, as he usually did, and then asked what the young man was doing.  The response, “Oh, I’m currently the associate conductor of the Utah Symphony.”

That was back in the early 2000s.  Recently Maestro O’Neil concluded his ninth season with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, having served as they Resident Conductor for the last four full seasons. He is stepping down from his post and, in his own words is “”looking forward to guest conducting a wide variety of orchestras, as well as having time for more composing, arranging, and orchestrating.”

Maestro O’Neil will be visiting with DMA at our Greeley, Colorado location this week.  It will be so good to see an old friend again…we can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

And for all you DMA VETS—break out your notes from the Meter Session and check out what Maestro O’Neil has to say about Asymmetric meter, pulse and subdivision!!!

Scott O’Neil On Pat Metheny’s “First Circle”

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