Louisiana DMA–1st March Off Winner is….

Heidi Sarver by Heidi Sarver Last updated Jun 5, 2009 35 Views

…Connor Dugas from Lafayette High School in Lafayette, LA!

Congratulations Connor!

With this announcement it is clear that DMA is well underway for the 2009 season.  Mr. Parks and most of the staff arrived in Monroe last night in preparation for today’s start.  Everything was going according to plan except for a 5 hour flight delay for staff member Marcus Harrison!  He actually tried to make the drive for GA to LA overnight until word got to Mr. Parks and Marcus was ORDERED to find a hotel, get some sleep and arrive today safe and sound even if he was late!  Talk about commitment–better safe than …

The weather in Monroe is simply spectacular!  81 degrees today and it appears as if the entire week is going to be clear, sunny and in the upper 80s!  WOW!  What a great start to the summer.

More later as the week unfurls…..