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Talk about losing track of time—the MFA Summer Symposium starts today and there are so many other DMA workshops to catch everyone up about. Here we go:

EKU–lead clinician Jenny Grice took over after Mr. Parks had to depart and head over to start in Arkansas. The challenge of the EKU workshop: rain….lots and lots of rain. But that did not deter the spirit and enthusiasm of the group!! There were a BUNCH of march offs at this location as well–here’s the list:

  • Ben Bloom, Riverdale High School, TN – won it in FOUR commands!
  • Marcie Bosworth and Paul Laurence tied for the next one
  • Austin Wicker, Cape Central Senior High School, MO-final march off winner!
  • Congratulations to all!!

    Heading on out to Arkansas, where Christopher Cansler is lead clinician this week, we have all sorts of stories. The first nigh twas terrific–students were a little apprehensive at first: who is this George Parks guy anyway? But before they knew it they were immersed in teaching and conducting activities and the evening came to a quick conclusion! Then the marchoffs began! Congratulations to:

  • Nick Graves, Nettleton High School, AR
  • Blake Turner, Cleveland High School, OK
  • Jason Ringer, Lee’s Summit High School, MO
  • Obviously competition was intense given that a winner was from a different state every time!