Kutztown Well Underway

Talk about a struggle!!! Sure your computer can FIND a wireless signal but can you gain access to the internet? Nope, not a chance. And then along comes the nicest man in the world, Dr. Willis Rapp, Director of Bands at Kutztown University and WHAMMO! You’re all hooked up on the web! THANKS WILL!

We have been plugging away here at Kutztown with close to 200 drum major students since Tuesday and it has a been quite a ride. Day 1: the morning session went very well. It is traditionally a short session (2 hours max) because the students check in between 8-9 AM at this location as opposed to the evening before. The students were divided into their “families” for the week and we talked about the qualities of an effective leader / drum major. WHAT A LIST! Lunch screamed by and before we knew it we were inside starting our basic conducting session with the goal of it taking about 90 minutes and then we would return outside to complete the marching introductory session–but nature had different plans.

As we got to the field: BOOM! Talk about a HUGE blast of thunder!!! So back to our big room we hustled. And it is quite a large room…large enough to put everyone in their squads and MARCH INSIDE!!! It got loud, but it sure was fun! Well, that MONSTROUS lightening bolt that we saw from the windows certainly was fun…..but it was pretty cool 🙂

Next thing we knew it was dinner and we found ourselves back outside in the blink of an eye. The storm was long gone and the humidity was starting to finally break. Mr. Parks had arrived from Texas during dinner and was pumped and ready to go. And prior to heading inside for the final conducting session of the evening we held our first marching off.

Congratulations to:

Molly Doggett of Middletown High School in Maryland

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