Kutztown Final Summation

Time races past me and I just forced a moment away from getting ready for the next adventure (DMA @ UMASS) to post the long awaited entry about the final days at Kutztown.

I have been part of the DMA Staff for many years now (far more than seems possible) and I have been on the Kutztown staff since before it was held at KU….it was originally at Lafayette College for many, many years. And during all those years we have had great groups of students each and every time. But there was something about this year’s crop at KU that seemed to make them rise above all the others. These students were simply wonderful in every possible way!

(I know, I know–you’re thinking, “but all the DMA students are wonderful; all the DMA Workshops are filled with wonderful students…what made these kids so special?” And truth be told, I am unable to find the proper words to express it/describe it, but it was one of the most enjoyable Kutztown DMA Workshops I have ever experienced!)

We had some fantastic march offs and here are the results:

  • Heath Lettich, from Tri-Valley High School in PA
  • Patrick Kitchen, from Allentown Central Catholic High School in PA

Final March off info:

  • runner up: Meghan Fitzpatrick, from Sachem High School in NY
  • winner: Peter Mowen, from PA

**Special note: Jade Nicholson from Ramsey HS in NJ was one of the 3 finalists in 3 of 4 marchoffs this week—outstanding!!!

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