Fall Season Rapidly Racing Past

Busy, busy, busy…the entire summer went by in a flash and now the fall marching band season is rushing by at breakneck speed.  It’s insane!  And through all of this the DMA Blog has been very quiet.  I feel have neglected my duties and this morning I will rectify that!

Quick DMA 2014 Wrap Up

Without a doubt, this past summer was one of the best! The Drum Major Academy® is flourishing — because of the belief by the staff, by the band directors and by the students. Dr. Tim joined us at four separate locations and will be expanding his schedule to include more in 2015.  Students are sending mid-season and end of season emails and Facebook messages, letting us know how they are doing and each one is a delight to read! 2015 will be upon us in a matter of moments – winter will be but a passing memory!  

Mid / End of Fall Thoughts

  • Some locations have massive amounts of photos already loaded on our Flickr account.  We will be loading more very soon!
  • The 2015 workshop schedule be available soon.  We are still confirming dates with universities and are at their beck and call with regard to this process.
  • Staff members are living their other lives–being band directors!  We (including the one typing right now) roll from one part of our lives directly into another part:  DMA to Band with virtually no down time.  I wish all of my colleagues a successful end to their seasons and a restful holiday break…which may be two months away but we all know if we blink it we will miss it!

Music is a most powerful tool for the human being. It can evoke strong memories, emotions and desires.  It can transport a person to another world. It can lighten their spirit and enhance whatever mood the individual is in.  It can be soothing and it can be manipulative.  The power music wields is without limits.  And sometimes it can bring one simple and complete joy–to the listener as well as the performer.  As you make your way through the last few competitions and football games take a moment to enjoy this wonderful woman named Doreen.  She captures the human spirit in every note she plays.


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