End of Fall 2010

Heidi Sarver by Heidi Sarver Last updated Nov 9, 2010 21 Views

Many exciting things are happening around the Drum Major Academy® offices! Yes, even as we all come to grips with the untimely passing of Mr. Parks, there are some amazing things happening. Here are a few of them:

  • The summer calendar is almost finalized–months ahead of schedule!
  • The staff is ready to step up to the plate and take DMA into the next evolution Mr. Parks always envisioned.
  • The integrity of DMA – the founding philosophy, approaches to leadership, conducting and teaching – will ALWAYS remain intact.  THESE tenets are what sets the Drum Major Academy® apart from all other summer workshops!

We encourage you to check the Drum Major Academy® website often for updates and announcements.  You can subscribe to this blog to receive posts via email, or subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter (gnpdma) or Facebook (Drum Major Academy).  All sites will contain the same announcements so use whichever is most convenient for YOU!

We cannot wait to see YOU this summer learning the true meaning of “Eyes With Pride!”