EKU–catching up on DMA in Kentucky

Heidi Sarver by Heidi Sarver Last updated Jun 14, 2010 38 Views

Nothing like surprise rain storms to make the staff jump and scramble on a moment’s notice. But talk about efficient!! All the students got into the auditorium in the blink of an eye while staff got all the indoor A/V systems working for Mr. Parks. While it could have been sheer chaos, the expertise of the staff prevailed! And that’s why DMA is so lucky–the same accomplished professionals rejoin the staff year after year. This consistency is sometimes taken for granted but in the heat of a moment like unexpected rain at EKU, it is acknowledged with the highest level of gratitude!

The students are having a phenomenal time–from march offs to conducting lines, video feedback sessions where every student gets to see EXACTLY what they look like when they conduct (talk about educational and more often than not, an eye-opening experience!) to study sessions and small group work, DMA students are some of the hardest working kids in America!

The first march off winner at EKU this year was:

  • Marcie Bosworth, Dunbar High Schoo, KY – CONGRATULATIONS!
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