Dueling DMAs!!

What do you have to do to get two march-offs to happen simultaneously? Have two DMA workshops running simultaneously! As I type TEAM A is out in Denton, Texas and TEAM B is down in Lynchburg, Virginia–now THAT’S cool! ….ok, perhaps “cool” wasn’t the appropriate word given the massive heat wave we’re all enduring, but I know you all know what I mean!

While it is nothing new to have two DMA workshops overlap–because the bulk of them do just that–it is unique to have two of them going on at the exact same time with regard to curriculum and structure, albeit with a 1 hour time zone difference of course. Yesterday I thought it was interesting when I received a text message from the Virginia crew letting me know the winner of their first march off. And it didn’t really strike me as odd or different when one hour later I received an email from the Texas crew with their first march off winner. Nope, it all seemed pretty normal until tonight when I received two text messages, one hour apart, with the winners of each second march off–the first text from Virginia and the second from Texas. And then I started thinking:

Hmmm….at 8 AM tomorrow morning the Virginia DMA will begin squad practice and at 8:30 exercises / stretches will commence. Then at 9 AM when Virginia heads into Squad Competitions, Texas will be starting their squad practice. And the whole day will be like that—the exact same thing, the exact same way, at the exact–opps–one hour apart! (little inside joke for all you DMA vets out there!)

It is cookie-cutter? No, not really. But I can tell you this much: When I go to any Morton’s Steakhouse anywhere in the world I KNOW I’m going to have the same high quality meal and service REGARDLESS of location! THAT’S what I call exceptional quality assurance!

Oh, so you want to know the march off winners? Sorry! Here they are:

  • TEXAS: Kate Latourneau, Rowlett, TX and Alexandra Munoz, Clear Lake HS
  • Virginia: Eunice Ko, Centreville HS and Ryan Dorson, Reservior HS
  • Congratulations to all…..oh, and happy 17th birthday Ryan!!!

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