DMA ULM 2008

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The Monroe Louisana Drum Major Academy started off with a bang with the wonderful host of Dr. Derle Long and his Drum Majors. DMA #2 of the summer got started with the lead clinician Parker Denson. George joined the crew later in the evening after flying in from Arizona. This was the largest group that we had in quite some time. 88 strong were called to attention and began their journey on June 5th.

This was DMA’s first multinational staff of the summer. Sam Simonton, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Parker Denson were the TV guru’s of DMA-ULM. While, Paul Arrington and Matt Curran, both from Texas taught our outdoor modules, George spent some time teaching the students many different conducting patterns that could be taken back to their schools.
We were very fortunate to have George with us until the final morning. And even though he had hopped on a flight to Birmingham, AL the intensity still filled the air through the final session. Overall, another great success in Monroe, LA! AYE!!!!!! Or in Sam’s honor EH!!!!!!!!!