DMA AZ Comes to a Close

Wow, what a week! It’s a bit sad that all is over in such a short amount of time, but very exciting to look towords next season. With all that we learned and taught this week I think this group of students is ready to go home and make a positive impact on their peers. At the final session we took a moment to look back and see how much we learned and how much we grew in our squads during the week. One of the students summed it up very well and said that she had felt like a freshman during the first session of the week, unsure how things were going to go and uncertain of what to expect. As the week moved on she made more friends and began to get the hang of the commands and by the end of the week when it was time for her to get in front of her squad and call commands at the final squad competition she was ready for anything. We all agreed that our choice of attitude can impact those around us and having a great time together while doing hard work can make for an amazing week. Starred thought: Get up and cheer!

And we can’t forget Mr. Parks and the staff who made this week unbelieveable. Who would have though that red headed guy could have so much energy?! I think Robert’s Norwegian version of Joe was possibly our first attempt at moving DMA global! Megan’s warm-ups were so much fun and I’m sure this was her most favorite DMA ever! Brian had some pretty entertaining stories and helped us to figure out our conducting in the TV session.

Don’t forget that the staff e-mails are on the DMA page, we would love to hear how your season goes and hopefully we get to see you again in the future!

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