BOA–approaching “escape velocity”

Heidi Sarver by Heidi Sarver Last updated Jun 20, 2007 28 Views

DMA at the Bands of America Summer Symposium is only a few days away. Every DMA is intense but the one at BOA is unreal! Over 600 drum majors–one of the largest ones of the season! Students from all over the country, everyone wanting to learn, get better at their conducting skills, become effective teaching assistants for their band directors, and more!

…and it takes monumental effort to get out of my tiny state of Delaware and get there! Why is that you ask? I have no idea!

Things to do before heading to airport:

  1. find enough BOA Staff shirts for the week
  2. buy new sneakers—sandals just don’t work at DMA
  3. find my whistle….last seen during the fall in my car
  4. decide how many electronic toys I need for the airplane flight
  6. where’s my hat??
  7. notebook—and pens—and paper—and just where *IS* my backpack?

And most important of all: remember to take the dogs to the kennel!!

See everyone in less than a week!!!!