Beacon College–a week in review!

Heidi Sarver by Heidi Sarver Last updated Jun 19, 2009 32 Views

The Beacon College/Florida DMA started off with a huge BANG the first night….literally!  A monster thunderstorm rolled across Florida and that was the end of the starting session that always occurs outside.  No worries, however.  A little juggling, some quick setting up in the big room and voila–inside session!  Of course, for those of you who are acquainted with Florida in the summer time, you now that one can almost set their watch to the daily evening shower.  We were not disappointed!

Fortunately the rain did not dampen anyone’s spirits and things cranked up pretty fast.  While the opening night failed to produce a march off winner (rain, remember?  couldn’t have a march off) here are the results of the next THREE march offs:

Scott Mullen, Palmetto Ridge HS in Florida

Dalton Garrison, Sebring HS in Florida

Chris Ulrich, Lake Howell HS in Florida

What will tomorrow’s final session hold?  Weather looks fantastic—hot and humid, but clear!  If that remains the case the last day of DMA/FLA will be wonderful!