BAMA! DMA Cruising Along

While the UL/M staff was on their way to the next advenure, and the Arizona staff continued cranking away in Tempe, Mr. Parks made the journey back across the Mississippi River and arrived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama yesterday afternoon.  Less than 3 hours later DMA/Alabama was underway!

The weather was a bit on the “sticky” side–oh the humidity of the south!–and the skies were clear (a small chance of thunderstorms was predicted but all remained calm for DMA) the teaching began.  What **IS** a drum major?  What **IS** a leader?  Make a list!  Go on, make your OWN list!

As the evening progressed it became clear that before heading inside to begin work on conducting there needed to be the preliminary march off!  The first winner out of Bama:

Adam Stanford of Riverside HS in TN

Congratulations Adam!

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