ASU—it’s a hot one!! UPDATED: June 10

Ok, 107 degrees?? Really?! But it’s a DRY heat…..sure. Well there’s only one thing to do when it’s that hot: LOTS OF WATER BREAKS!! There’s no question that the staff is aware of the need to keep the students hydrated–that was the first order of business at the initial staff meeting prior to the arrival start of Check-In.

Once everyone got settled we dived right into things: “Who wants to be a drum major? What **IS** a drum major?” And off we went, full speed ahead. Before everyone knew it the first evening session was coming to an end and it was time for the first march off. And the winner was:

  • Robert Wang, Walnut HS in California
  • And the 2nd march off winner was:

  • Robert Wang, Walnut HS in California–that’s 2!
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