2013 DMA Summer Workshop Schedule–MORE EXCITING THAN EVER BEFORE!

It’s posted! The 2013 DMA Summer Workshop Schedule is posted! There is much to cover so let’s get started:

**NEW LOCATION** – North Central College in Naperville, Illinois!

This summer DMA will expand its offerings and establish another workshop location in the great state of Illinois. After months of searching for the perfect spot we decided upon NCC.  A beautiful campus in a wonderful part of the state made NCC very appealing.  Located just 45 minutes away from Chicago by car or a simple 30 minute train ride (with the Naperville station a mere TWO BLOCKS from campus)–this type of convenience was the icing on the cake!  We are also excited to announce that Heidi I. Sarver will be leading our exceptional staff at this location!

**NEW LOCATION** – University of Central Florida / Orlando!

It has a been a number of years since DMA was held at UCF and we are thrilled to announce our return to this wonderful campus for 2013!  Dr. Scott Tobias, Director of Bands and Assistant Professor of Music at UCF will be our gracious host for the week, and we couldn’t be more excited about our future in Florida due to his involvement. ..and let’s face it, right next to Disney World isn’t exactly a bad thing, right?! 😀

And then there is everywhere else that DMA will be–all our regular locations that have stood the test of time:

      • University of Alabama / Tuscaloosa
      • University of Arkansas / Fayetteville
      • Eastern Kentucky University – featuring Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser!
      • University of Northern Colorado / Greeley
      • Texas Women’s University in Denton, TX
      • Kutztown University*
      • Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH
      • University of North Carolina / Charlotte
      • University of California / Riverside
      • West Chester University in PA*
      • University of Massachusetts / Amherst – featuring Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser!

*Kutztown & West Chester are owned and operated by Vivace Productions, Inc.  Contact them for further information about these workshops!

You may be wondering why we work so hard to provide you with so many different locations.  Simple: YOU deserve the BEST and it is our job to guarantee you get the BEST!  The most important thing to know is that regardless of WHICH location you choose to attend, we guarantee you will be provided with the same extraordinary experience!  THAT is what makes the George N. Parks Drum Major Academy® the nation’s foremost authority on the art of drum majoring for over 35 years!

What we do, we do out of love–pure and simple.  Love for DMA, love for George and what he created, and most importantly, love for the chance to provide an undeniably exciting, enthusiastic, energetic, excellent and “EN-TENSE” opportunity for young adults. DMA is THE place to learn the basic tenets of leadership, dedication, commitment, communication, teaching and yes, the physical skills required to become a successful drum major!

It is because of all of the above plus much more that DMA is able to provide what will prove to be one of the most exciting summer workshop schedules in its history!

We cannot wait to see you this summer!

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