New to IMPACT? Apply here!

New applicants must submit several items along with their application form.

Prior attendance at a DMA location as a student is preferred but not required.

Applications are due by May 1.


Online Application

It’s the typical “tell us about yourself!” form. And it can be found right here.


Letter of Recommendation

This letter must come from your most recent band director. Please ask them to describe in detail your skills as a musician and leader within their ensemble.

All letters of reference must be submitted electronically to and come from the director’s email account.


YouTube Video

Your video will contain 3 different components:

  • Conducting tempos
  • Conducting the National Anthem
  • Brief bio

Tempo Conducting

Please record yourself conducting a 4/4 pattern at 3 tempos. Please record at least 24 counts of each tempo:

  • Fast: mm = 132-144
  • Medium: mm = 96-112
  • Slow: mm = 76-88

National Anthem

The end of Star-spangled Banner beginning with the words “Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,”

Either use a metronome or an existing piece of music MUST be clearly audible in your video.

30-sec Intro

Please include a 30-second clip telling us why you want to be part of the DMA IMPACT Team.

How to Submit a Video

Create a YouTube account if you do not have one already

Upload your video and set the video privacy status to UNLISTED.

Title the video using the format: “Last Name, First Name – DMA IMPACT Audition Video”

Copy the video link and submit it via our online form

Videos must be HD quality. Please use a recent smartphone or comparable digital recorder.

Set your camera so that it shows the top half of your body.

Record yourself a few times, and choose the best take!

All of your video clips must be edited together into ONE video before being uploaded to YouTube.