Super DMA @ UMass

In addition to our nationally-acclaimed drum major curriculum, we offer two specialized tracks for color guard and band members.

Colorguard @ UMass Super DMA.

Color Guard

The Color Guard track at the Super DMA held at our University of Massachusetts location has something for every student who loves to spin and perform.

Students choose one of four specific workshop tracks based upon their personal experience and level of expertise.

  • Novice Flag – 1 year or less spinning experience.
  • Intermediate Flag – 2 or more years spinning experience and/or those who have previously attended DMA in the Colorguard Track (Vets).
  • Novice Rifle – those with previous flag experience but no weapon experience. (Students must supply own rifle – 36in suggested – NO sickles, Air Blades or sabers).
  • Intermediate Weapon – These students must have previous experience on weapon. (Students must supply own rifle – 36in suggested – and may bring saber but NO sickles or Air Blades.)

All students enrolled in the Color Guard track also participate in and experience the following:

  • Movement and Dance Training
  • Leadership sessions with Heidi I. Sarver.
Marching Band @ UMass Super DMA.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all your student leaders had the same training as your Drum Majors? The Band track at the Super DMA held at our University of Massachusetts location may just be for you!

This track is for current band section leaders as well as those who are aspiring to become leaders in their programs – you do not need a title to benefit from these offerings!

This curriculum covers, but is not limited to:

  • How to Prepare for Music Sectionals
  • Basic Conducting for Successful Music Sectional Rehearsals
  • Developing Better Intonation and Tone Quality
  • Reading and Understanding Drill Charts

In addition, all students enrolled in the Band Track learn, participate in and experience the following:

  • The DMA Teaching Procedure
  • Leadership Sessions with Heidi I. Sarver

Super DMA Staff

Our Lead Clinicians are some of the very best in the business. These folks run their own programs at the high school and college level. They share a wealth of knowledge with our students.

Sarah McAdams, DMA Staff.

Sarah McAdams

Color Guard Coordinator

Sarah is the head of the Color Guard curriculum track. She is a band director in the Daniel Boone School District, PA.

She is also the Visual Coordinator for the University of Delaware Marching Band and WGI color guard Delazure.

Michael LaCava, DMA Staff.

Michael LaCava

Band Coordinator

Michael is the head of the Band curriculum track. He is the Concert Band conductor at Fitchburg State University.

Michael is also the former Fine and Performing Arts Coordinator for the Chelmsford Public Schools and former band director at Gardner High School, MA.

What makes the Super DMA unique is its integration with the Drum Major curriculum. It focuses upon the student becoming a second set of eyes for the band director.

Using the same DMA Teaching Procedure as the Drum Majors, those enrolled in the Guard and Band tracks learn to develop three very specific skills: observance, analysis of the situation and how to offer proper corrections. These skills are applied to the physical aspect of performing on instruments and equipment.

This coordinated effort of instruction ensures that ALL of your student leaders will return with a working knowledge of the same material!