Covid-19 Health & Safety

The George N. Parks Drum Major Academy is following the latest COVID-19 protocols and will continue to update “best practices” as new information from the CDC becomes available.

All staff and students at DMA workshops are required to wear a mask at all times. If mask wearing is a physical difficulty for you, we invite you to participate in one of our virtual workshops.

You will be required to agree to these measures in order to provide health and safety to those around you. Failure to abide by these rules will be treated as any other broken rule at DMA, which results in your being dismissed without a refund.

Vaccine & Test

At registration on the first day of each workshop, each student must provide the following:

  • A completed COVID vaccination card


  • A negative COVID test done within 48 hours of your arrival at the George N. Parks Drum Major Academy

If you arrive at registration on the first day with neither proof of a negative test nor vaccination, you will be invited to get a rapid COVID test done locally and return to registration.

Once you have done your test, you must self-quarantine at home until you arrive at GNPDMA.


All participants, both students and staff, will wear masks covering their nose and mouth ANY time they are out of their dorm room.

Exceptions to the mask rule:

  1. Actively eating or drinking while stationary
  2. Showering, toothbrushing


Acceptable masks must:

  1. Cover the nose and mouth
  2. Have no vents or openings
  3. Not be gaiters or scarves
  4. Hook behind the ears or behind the head
  5. Be either reusable cloth or disposable

Bring several!

Temperature Checks

Staff will check temperatures before each morning and evening session.

Students with a temperature of 99.5 will be checked again in 10 minutes.

A student with a temperature that remains 99.5 or above will be quarantined in the dorm with a staff member nearby.

If the temperature remains elevated, the student will need to be picked up by a family member.

This is NOT a punishment. It’s just a matter of health and safety.

In the case of illness requiring a student to leave, all money not charged to GNPDMA by our host campus will be refunded.

Social Distancing

Students will be placed in lecture halls, classrooms, outdoor settings, and meals at the distance required by the CDC.

To allow for relaxed meal breaks, students will be dismissed in groups to allow for social distancing in the dining halls.

We will follow best practices for meal service as required by each host campus.

We know you all love to support each other. We’ll need to find creative, non-touching ways to do that this year in order to keep everyone safe.

No hugging or handshakes!

Hand Sanitizing


George N. Parks Drum Major Academy will also have hand sanitizer, but BRING YOUR OWN to be sure you always have it at your disposal!

Water Bottles

BRING YOUR OWN TWO WATER BOTTLES! You will need to fill your water bottles before each session

GNPDMA will also provide water at each outdoor site, but will need to have staff dispense water to each individual who will stand in a socially distanced line.

These health and safety measures make it possible to meet together this summer — without them, we couldn’t meet safely.

Let’s embrace them so that next year we can see some more normalcy. AND if you don’t, you go home.