Covid-19 Safety: Thank you!

Thank you, as always, for trusting us to make you the best drum majors, field commanders and student leaders.

As you know, YOU do the work. We just give you the tools to help you get there.

That is a privilege.

Thank you for the amazing cooperation you provided us in keeping this summer of 2021 safe for the GNP DMA students and staff!

We put together a policy for DMA that met the most stringent policies and common-sense regulations from the federal, state, and campus authorities for each of our workshops. Our goal was simple: protect everyone at DMA.

Over half of you arrived having already had the opportunity to be vaccinated. The rest of you were ready to go with your COVID test results — Maturity!

We asked you to wear a mask anytime that we were indoors even if you were vaccinated, as a courtesy to your fellow drum majors as well as a safety measure.

This made it possible to keep everyone protected, even if someone had not been able to receive the vaccine. It became “Doing what needs to be done without being asked.” — Integrity!

You complied with temperature checks every day just to be sure that no one had been infected and didn’t know it! You made it easy and were pleasant about it! — Class!

We are always grateful and proud to work with the student leaders of your bands.

This summer highlighted what truly exemplary people you are. Thank you for this Summer of 2021!

—Jeanne Parks
and George N. Parks Drum Major Academy Staff