COVID-19 Statement from DMA Staff

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All About COVID-19.

The George N. Parks Drum Major Academy and staff always look forward to the start of each summer. The students that we get the opportunity to work with are inspiring, smart, enthusiastic, and very fun to teach.

We hope to get to started as planned and have another great summer to add to the last 41 summers of creating leaders.

It is with that hope that we say we don’t know what the future brings with COVID-19 virus, in regards to schools, gatherings, and “social distancing.”

We think it’s important to follow all of the guidelines set forth by the CDC and other groups with expertise in this unprecedented event.

As much as we would like to start the summer as scheduled, we will abide by whatever those recommendations are.

Are you wondering if you should register?

Registration is open, and we would certainly refund any monies spent towards a workshop that ends up being canceled because of COVID-19.

But at this point, it is probably better to plan to register but wait to register until we know more about future recommendations. We will certainly be taking registrations as last minute as we possibly can.

We will consider each GNPDMA workshop location on a separate basis, with the hopes that the further into the summer we go, the more likely we’ll be able to hold workshops as usual.

Hoping that you and yours stay safe and healthy. And we hope to see you this summer!

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