Tyler, Texas


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Ah Texas in July…..for this northern woman I have no idea how you handle it!  Seeing a temperature reading outside a bank at 11 PM that says 116 degrees is still not comprehensible to me.  I guess that’s why the A/C is cranked inside every building.  Gotta love it.  Well,…

Don’t Stop Believing!!!!!!

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Hey, DMAers….I might have made that word up, but I’m pretty sure that somebody else must have said it before, so I won’t feel too guilty about that! I’m writing this blog because I’m getting ready to judge some drum majors at a tournament this weekend, and it’s got me…

Now it’s time to say goodbye to Tyler, TX.

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This morning marks our last here in Tyler. It’s been another remarkable week…and those arms!!!! These students have all done great work toward achieving, “the look.” Many come to us from schools that use a completely differnt pattern or style, and they’ve still been open enough to try something completely…