MFA Summer Symposium–WHAT A RIDE!

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Mother Nature showed up in Normal, Illinois with some serious pent up anger! There is nothing like a midwest storm going full tilt to make you wonder if you’re going to meet Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and Toto too! Every dark color in her Crayola box…

BOA–the final 2009 entry

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The Summer Symposium concluded on Saturday, June 28th with a phenomenal showing at the ISU stadium.  A terrific crowd of students, parents, family members and directors stayed for the final performance by the student marching band, colorguard and percussion tracks and of course, the Drum Major Academy! The final march…

BOA Cruisin’ Along

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What a fantastic week so far! The students are phenomenal–full of energy and excitement. But more importantly they are hungry for knowledge! The want to learn. Many students are going out of their way to ask questions and seek additional assistance. Each day I have seen improvement from everyone in…

Off To A Wicked Hot Start

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The temperatures were blazing in Normal, Illinois today. 94 degrees with a heat index of over 100 and humidity the likes of Houston in July! But 474 students hit the field with an incredible energy level and before you knew it the first session at Bands of America was over….

Don’t Stop Believing!!!!!!

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Hey, DMAers….I might have made that word up, but I’m pretty sure that somebody else must have said it before, so I won’t feel too guilty about that! I’m writing this blog because I’m getting ready to judge some drum majors at a tournament this weekend, and it’s got me…

BOA 2007 Comes to an End

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The final day of the Summer Symposium at Bands of America has come and gone. A week spent with 623 drum majors can be many things, and in this case it was EXTRAORDINARY! The electricity in the air the incredible as the block entered the stadium for the final presentation….

Rain at BOA?

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That’s easy!! We stay inside and get to do all kinds of fantastic music / conducting related things! Yesterday the temperatures plummeted, the skies lit up and the rain drenched us for most of the day. Due to the lightening siren going off before the storm arrived, the conclusion of…

MFA – Day #2

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Talk about a jam-packed day! To start with, the morning was filled with lots of opportunities for every member of every squad to get to work on learning the DMA Teaching Procedure. But first you’re all asking, “what’s a squad?” At every location we create much smaller groups from the…